Naples Cryotherapy – An Alternative Medical Approach

The human body has remarkable inbuilt rejuvenating abilities that help it to recover from major health issues on its own. Many recent medical approaches use this principle to greater effect. Cryotherapy is one such practice that attempts to facilitate the process of curing a patient. There are several practitioners of Cryotherapy and patients who will vouch for the effectiveness of this form of curing a human body from an ailment.

The medical profession is always on the lookout of newer forms of treating a patient. Mostly, these practices are centred on the use of the human body’s powerful immune system. The sole concentration is to activate this mechanism to a higher level with the aid of an external force, without the use of medication.

Cryotherapy Basics
In essence, Cryotherapy involves the use of very low temperatures to cure and heal damaged tissues in the body which may be malignant as well. It is a practice that was used for centuries, but, never got the prominence it deserves.

On account of the low temperature further cell development is reduced and other related issues like inflammation and pain are diminished substantially. This is made possible by the constriction of the blood vessels that supply nutrition and oxygen to these damaged areas.

In most cases, Cryotherapy is used to relieve painful conditions by freezing an irritated nerve that is the root cause of the pain. The damage to the nerve could have occurred for various medical reasons. It is also used to treat some cancerous tissues and other abnormal development of skin cells.

The Naples Cryotherapy Procedure
Cryotherapy can be used either locally or an isolated area or over the entire body. For the treatment of a local area, a probe is inserted in the tissue near the affected zone and the temperature is reduced considerably to inactivate the sensation of the damaged nerve and consequently reduce the pain. Most people, who practice Cryotherapy, vouch for its safety and effectiveness. Cryotherapy can also be administered with the help of an extremely cold cotton swab that is applied locally to the infected area. It is a very short procedure lasting not more than a couple of minutes and in a general clinic. It is possible that some discomfort is felt at first, but this soon wears off and the positive results manifest themselves quickly.

Another basic form of using Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation and pain is with the use of ice packs that can be placed on the injured area externally. The purpose here again is to try and desensitise the affected area by constricting the neighbouring blood vessels with the extreme cold. It is therefore used in many cases of muscle soreness and symptoms of pain that may accompany the damage to the tissue.

Cryotherapy benefits can also be administered to the whole body with the use of a cryogenic chamber. It was in Japan that this form of Cryotherapy was first used. It involves exposing the body to a very low temperature for a period of not more than three minutes at a time. It was in the year 2000, that a group of scientists from Poland got together to administer the Chamber form of Cryotherapy professionally. In fact, many Olympic athletes have greatly benefitted from it, and today more and more other sporting bodies are joining in to take advantage of this age old system.

On entering the chamber, patients are exposed to a nitrogen mist spray that immediately reduces the body temperature dramatically. Sometimes the chamber is pre-cooled with liquid nitrogen to a temperature ranging between -120 * C to -160 * C. Some of the more sensitive body parts are covered with gloves and socks and ear protective equipment, while the rest of the body is bare.

The skin temperature can drop to levels between 5 *C and 12 * C, while the inner body retains most of its normal temperature. However, there is a possibility of the body temperature dropping marginally to lower levels after the treatment has been concluded. It is the sudden drop in temperature that activates the body’s immune system and offers the patient relief from painful or inflamed symptoms.

The positive results are apparent, justifying the use of Cryotherapy, as it is gives quick relief in a safe manner, and this is the main reason for the re-introduction of this form of treatment. Importantly, it is a completely painless procedure.

The Wide Range of Cryotherapy Benefits
The whole body Cryotherapy offers relief not just isolated zones in the body, but improves a number of other inherent conditions that may be afflicting the body and causing discomfort. These may include stress, insomnia, pain in the muscles and joints, rheumatism, improvement in circulation, metabolism, and in the process of detoxification, among several others. In some rare cases, Cryotherapy has also been used in the treatment of skin cancers.

The relief that many athletes have experienced using Cryotherapy are immense and well documented. It is no wonder that the world is taking another serious view about this ancient science.

Although the body is exposed to these very low temperatures for a brief period, but the body continues to release endorphins for much longer. This is on account of the skin temperature lowering to extreme levels.

There can be some minor side effects arising from Cryotherapy Benefits in the form of a change in the colour of skin and a few blisters and ulcers when the body is not very receptive to this treatment. There are times when the treated areas may appear red or purple for some time. Generally this disappears in about 3 days. In other rare cases, there are instances reported where patients have had isolated reactions to this form of treatment. The area that is treated must be washed gently for a few days and in case of a lesion, which is rare, a bandage can be used especially if that portion of skin is going to be in constant touch with your clothes.

In some stubborn cases this treatment may have to be repeated to eliminate the root cause.

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