Dr. Jarod Ward, DC, PAK

Dr. Jarod Ward, DC, PAK graduated from Life Chiropractic College West with academic and clinical honors and was the recipient of the highest award, the President’s Award, signifying excellence in academics, clinical skills, and leadership. Dr. Jarod was the lead chiropractor for a large wellness, chiropractic, and biohacking center upon graduation and enjoyed caring for his patients with complex health concerns. Dr. Jarod Ward is a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, applied kinesiologist, cellular detoxification expert, and nutritional muscle testing specialist.

Dr. Jarod Ward believes in bio-individuality – that each person requires a personalized approach to their health and vitality. Dr. Jarod believes that biofeedback using neurological muscle testing and functional laboratory tests is one of the best ways to create a powerfully successful personalized wellness plan.

Dr. Jarod Ward is experienced in chronic pain and neuromusculoskeletal injuries, neurological muscular restoration, pediatric and perinatal chiropractic care, sports injuries, hormonal imbalances, detoxification, nutrition, stealth pathogens, and the gut-brain connection. Dr. Jarod Ward is passionate about helping people discover the root cause of their health issues and empowering them to heal.

Dr. Jarod is grateful for the doctors who have invested in him and contributed to his knowledge and skillsets. Some of his mentors include Dr. Michelle Simons, DC; Dr. Paula Murillo, DC; Dr. James Huang, DC, PAK; Dr. Mindy Pelz, DC; and Dr. Ken Felch, DC, PAK.