Whole body vibration therapy involves sitting, standing, or lying on a machine with a vibrating platform. As the machine vibrates, energy is transmitted to your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax several times each second. In turn, you may feel like you are exerting yourself, similar to a moderate workout.

Just 5 minutes of whole-body vibration three times a week can aid in weight loss/fat burning, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, and more.

Research shows that when performed correctly under medical supervision, whole-body vibration can reduce back pain, improve strength and balance (especially in older adults), and reduce bone loss.

HOW IT WORKS: What many people don’t know is that there are several mechanisms in our bodies that we depend on to coordinate the transmission of vibrations and forceful impacts. These mechanisms include synovial fluids, bone cartilage, joint kinematics, muscular activity, and soft tissues. These happen to be the same ones that chiropractors manipulate and guide during adjustments. Combining Whole Body Vibration and chiropractic models, we can provide better results.

Whole Body Vibration gently forces your muscles to contract and relax repeatedly, stimulating your muscle fibers, muscle cells, and nerves, and increasing blood oxygenation through vasodilation. In addition, chiropractic vibration therapy is also capable of improving the health of deeper stabilizing and postural muscles that are difficult for chiropractors to reach, such as pelvic floor muscles, spinal erector muscles, and transverse abdominal muscles.

CHIROPRACTIC VIBRATION MACHINE FOR RELIEF OF LOWER BACK PAIN: Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints from patients and can be extremely frustrating since most cases do not respond to traditional medicine. Fortunately, many patients see success through vibration therapy.

A chiropractic approach involves a complete assessment of medical history and musculoskeletal system to help your chiropractor determine whether the pain is from postural deficiencies, spinal misalignment, subluxation, lifestyle issues, etc.

Chiropractic vibration therapy paired with regular adjustments greatly improves patient symptoms. By gently forcing your muscles to contract and relax repeatedly, muscle fibers are stimulated and blood oxygenation increases through vasodilation. Since we control the frequencies of muscle contractions, combining Whole Body Vibration and chiropractic methods places significantly less stress on ligaments, joints, and supportive tissues.