• This place is awesome very affordable. Very polite, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I had instant relief from the migraine and muscle pain and I even slept better. I will definitely continue to visit this place i highly recommend

    Whitehammer100AJ Avatar
  • love the cryo! super cold, but after being roasted in the Florida sun- so nice! Doesnt hurt that Dr. Ron is amazing.

    kat lucchesi Avatar
    kat lucchesi
  • It was an awesome experience. Will be going back for continuation it helped me sleep great and my body feels relaxed. Would absolutely recommend.

    Sorliz Parrilla Avatar
    Sorliz Parrilla
  • I have had whole body cryotherapy now two times. Yesterday I had a session now two weeks after arthroscopic surgery to my knee. Today, the swelling in the knee has significantly gone down, and also had a wonderful night sleep, free from aches.
    This is a very professional office. Plan on continuing this therapy.

    Susan Avatar
  • Dr. Ron is amazing!!! Highly recommended.
    Great service.

    Valerie Sorge Avatar
    Valerie Sorge
  • I walked into Rejuvenations Total Health in severe pain in my neck shoulder and lower back. Dr. Ron was very informative about the treatment he performed on me and introduced me to some other services he provides.

    Thank you Dr. Ron for helping me feel better!!

    Sandie Lombardi Avatar
    Sandie Lombardi
  • I loved it!!

    Felt great the rest the day!
    Great service and answered all my questions and more!!!
    Going back for sure!

    Suzanne Luis Avatar
    Suzanne Luis
  • Very professional. Love that you’re educated on health and wellness while having your treatment. Wonderful experience.

    Kim Coleman Avatar
    Kim Coleman
  • Hats off to this pharmacy. I traveled to Ft Myers to visit family. My wife has a compounded prescription that was left in Colorado. It is an integral med for my wife’s overall care. She was already experiencing pain. So, I called and asked if they take Tricare. They said reluctantly no. I asked the price and it was very reasonable. Then I asked if they could do it today. They stated yes if they had it by 12 pm. So, I pick it up and told me it was a little cheaper and they love veterans. My wife took her meds and has relaxed and sleeping now. I would highly recommend this pharmacy for everyday needs. However, kudos for them making sure it was produced in 4 hours. Thanks Joe and your team. Me and my wife can now enjoy the rest of our vacation.

    Charles Anderson Avatar
    Charles Anderson
  • Dr. Ron is great! He is extremely thoughtful and truly cared about my well-being. I left with great advice. He was knowledgeable and explained every step of my massage. Can't wait to book another one! Thank you so much!!

    Anna Kaso Avatar
    Anna Kaso
  • The staff was very helpful and accommodating. I felt very comfortable and satisfied with their knowledge. Will definitely be back!

    Madison Floyd Avatar
    Madison Floyd
  • I love Apothicare 360! The new owners, Joe and Deanna are wonderful. They are both very knowledgeable and attentive to your every needs. You never feel rushed. They are willing to take the time to best meet your individual needs.
    In addition to compounding prescriptions, they also offer many different types of therapies such as Cryotherapy, Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy therapy and IV therapy.
    If you have never been there, it is well worth a visit.

    Robin Connolly Avatar
    Robin Connolly
  • Loved it and felt even better the next day. Sciatic pain for months....one cryotherapy and a red light treatment, and no more pain. Can’t wait to go back.

    Michelle Zambelli Avatar
    Michelle Zambelli
  • Dr. Jarod Ward saved my life. I was in chronic pain and within a week of seeing him for his muscle testing, he got rid of it! I would call him a magician, but he explained everything to me where I felt comfortable and confident in my treatment!

    Edwin Chow Avatar
    Edwin Chow
  • It was a pleasant experience and very informative. Provides a variety of services, you can even schedule your manicure at the same location. Clean and organized. Looking forward to future services.

    Dee Reyes Avatar
    Dee Reyes
  • Quality care from every individual. We're thankful to have a custom compounding facility in our area.

    Katrina Salokar Avatar
    Katrina Salokar
  • I had neck issues to the point I could not turn my neck to the left. I had shoulder surgery 1 1/2 years ago. The pain in my shoulder was to the point I could not stand my bra strap on it! I did one treatment of Cryo with the adjustment and went in the next day just to be adjusted again. WOW!! I can move my neck again and NO shoulder pain!!

    Darlene Detweiler Avatar
    Darlene Detweiler
  • I just want to say thank you to Joe and his staff for being such a great pharmacy. You are all doing a great job! Keep it up. Happy to have found your pharmacy

    Greg M Avatar
    Greg M
  • wrong place for

    Briana Coby Avatar
    Briana Coby
  • Under new management. New owners Joe and Deanna are pharmacists that are knowledgeable, kind and...funny!
    They offer so much - chryo therapy, different types of iv treatments, compounding etc etc.

    Burlington Youth Basketball Avatar
    Burlington Youth Basketball
  • What an amazing experience. First off the service was astounding and the doctors made me feel at home. The environment inside was immensely tranquil, which made all stress levels in my body fade away immediately. I walked in feeling extremely sore and depleted from swimming/working out… Today as I’m writing this review, I can’t even begin to explain how rejuvenated my whole body feels from the Cryo and Red light therapy. There’s not an ounce of pain in my body, allowing me to swim and hit the gym harder than ever before👍🏽

    Marc Savolle Avatar
    Marc Savolle
  • After one cryo treatment, I felt less stiff and achy. The process is quick and not terribly uncomfortable.

    Dan Pompei Avatar
    Dan Pompei
  • This place is great. I am writing this review from inside the building because I’ve been so impressed before we were even finished. My wife and I sought them out when she was suffering MS/POTS symptoms while on vacation, and they have gone above and beyond to make her comfortable and get her the infusion and fluids that she needs. They took the time needed and the friendly staff has been informative and inviting.

    Cannot thank these guys enough.

    Timothy Shanks Avatar
    Timothy Shanks
  • This place is awesome!!! Please do yourself a favor and visit. You won’t be sorry.

    Linell King Avatar
    Linell King
  • I like to share when people impress me. This little place did just that. The owner took my script which was a compound and had it ready in less than 10 minutes. I then asked the pharmacist about some CBD oils that he had displayed and he invited me to an education forum that night. I asked many questions as to the benefits and so forth and he took the time to educate me. He gave me some papers and said I would rather educate you first then try to sell you something just to sell it. That impressed me. It is a little far for me to go but my dr is right across the street, so I will be seeing him again. Check this place out , it is not your local BIG PHARMACY, it is a small owner run place that goes the extra mile. I miss that in the world.

    Ray Bezares Avatar
    Ray Bezares
  • Truly an amazing pharmacy. Joe and his staff provide top-notch care to his patients and physicians. We are lucky to have a place like this in our community.

    J Casey Avatar
    J Casey
  • Dr.Rob is awesome!! Loved the place, he has extreme knowledge really enjoyed talking about all the different things he offers and took his time to explain all of them. I am excited to book my next appointment!!!

    Katherine Perez Avatar
    Katherine Perez
  • Dr. Ron is absolutely amazing! He talked me through the entire process before and during to ensure I was comfortable and had no pain. He also went above and beyond to recommend small changes I could make throughout my day to eliminate headaches/migraines! I highly recommend him and plan to return!

    Christina LaTour Avatar
    Christina LaTour
  • It was my first Cryo experience and they did a great job of explaining how it works and what to expect to make me feel comfortable. It was a smooth and enjoyable process from beginning to end.

    Matt Clark Avatar
    Matt Clark
  • This place is awesome very affordable. Very polite, knowledgeable and helpful staff. I had instant relief from the migraine and muscle pain and I even slept better. I will definitely continue to visit this place i highly recommend

    Josh c Avatar
    Josh c
  • The Cryo therapy was one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever had. The staff at the Cryo Spa made it a wonderful experience and I will definitely be going back.

    Aaron Zartman Avatar
    Aaron Zartman
  • The pharmacists and staff at Apothicare360 always go above and beyond for their customers. I am so happy with them and their outstanding customer service. The pharmacists and staff are very knowledgeable and I always feel comfortable asking questions. They never rush me and always show genuine interest and concern. Their facility is great too, not like your typical pharmacies. I highly recommend them!

    Emma M Avatar
    Emma M


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